Denjong TibType

Denjong TibType is a keyboard that allows typing in Tibetan using Wylie transliteration. It works with Windows XP / Vista / 7 (32 and 64 bits).

The Tibetan characters generated conform with the Unicode Standard 5.2. Please click on this link to view the coding chart.



Denjong Tibtype owes its name to Denjong འབྲས་ལྗོངས། (Sikkim) because this software was first officially distributed in Gangtok.

It allows writing in Tibetan script including a few additional letters used in some contemporary Tibetic languages as well as letters used in Sanskrit mantras.

TibType is a compound word: Tibetan and Type, which yields: Tibetan typing system.

Bo (the symbol on the keyboard) is a two-letter code representing the Tibetan language according to ISO 639-1- ISO: International Organization for Standardization.
- 639-1: Languages codification on 2 letters.

This keyboard required a lot of research. It aims to adapt the Tibetan script to new technologies and standardize it according to the Unicode system.

The installation of the keyboard on your computer is user friendly on Windows Vista and Windows 7. Just download it and run it.

For Windows XP, you will also require:

  1. A unicode Tibetan font, that you can choose from the following link Digital Tibetan.

  2. Setting up Windows for this kind of complex script, following the instructions on Digital Tibetan.

  • If you prefer openOffice.org rather than Microsoft office, you may also follow the instructions on Digital Tibetan.

This site is under construction. However this page will remain active and accessible in order to allow keyboard downloading and follow its evolution.



In order to download the keyboard, please click on its icon. The use of Denjong Tibtype is free and must comply with Creative commons BY-NC-SA- BY: Attribution
- NC: Noncommercial
- SA: ShareAlike

The PDF documentation for each version presents all the concordances between your keyboard and the Tibetan letters, symbols or special characters.

Denjong Tibtype Versions

flecheh3 flecheh3-1
Two versions are available: for QWERTY keyboard as well as AZERTY[fr] keyboard.

v 0.62 - Release notes soon! -

For QWERTY keyboard
Doc. Contrat Creative Commons License

v 0.60 - Release notes soon! -

For AZERTY keyboard[fr]
Doc.[fr] Contrat Creative Commons License

New Alpha version

flecheh3 flecheh3-1
You can also test the prototype version with new functions.

v 1.01 - Release notes soon! -

For AZERTY / QWERTY keyboard
Trilingual (English / French / Tibetan)
Doc.[fr] Doc. soon! Contrat Creative Commons License

Please do not hesitate to contact me: contact@thubtenrigzin.fr or by the site's contact form, if you encounter any problems using Denjong Tibtype or wish to suggest a new development for this software.

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